To My Future Child

Day 1:

Hi baby! I’m your mommy! I just found out today. And when I found out…phew! I thought I was going to faint. Me and your daddy have been thinking about a baby for a little bit. But we got frustrated because we really wanted you and weren’t showing any signs of you yet.

I started to get certain signs, then had a few dreams I was pregnant. So I went to the doctor today and bam! There you were!
Your daddy doesn’t know yet. I haven’t told him. I’m going to surprise him later. And oh boy, is he gonna be surprised! I’m going to video tape him and in the future you can see just how he reacts!

It’s just you and me right now. No one else knows yet. I really wanna tell my mommy, your grandmother. She’s gonna be really happy.

They told me I’m 4 weeks pregnant tomorrow. And you’re already messing with my stomach and giving me cramps! But it’s what you need to grow so I already forgive you. J

I’m already a lot happier than I have been in a while knowing you’re coming along.

(And don’t tell daddy but I have some names picked out for you. Because I’m pretty sure you’re a girl. I’m leaning towards Ayanna.)

I love you little one.





3 thoughts on “To My Future Child

  1. That’s awesome 😀 I remember when my ex was pregnant with my first child. I was ecstatic.

    It is great news. Spending time with a baby and then child is the best. Then they become teenagers lol

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