So WTF Is A Puggle Anyways?

Well folks, a “Puggle”, is a highly active breed that’s a mix between a Pug and a Beagle.

So a daddy pug and a mommy beagle got together to make…






So here’s some cute pictures of Hank as a puppy to make your day.:)



Chubby Puggle Belly
He really likes to climb on shouders… (secret cat)
Begging for food (Right after he ate)
He’s got a big dog complex
Na na na na na na BAT DOG
He loves his costumes!

6 thoughts on “So WTF Is A Puggle Anyways?

  1. Love your definition of a puggle dog and reading your blog. Thanks for visiting Dog Leader Mysteries and leaving a note.

    We adopted a cockerpoo. Our Sydney boy is half cocker spaniel and half mini-poodle. “Punk Rocker with a Poodle Brain” came from getting our “bad dog” at the age of one. That’s the first story I wrote that was accepted for publication (2008), with revision suggestions of an editor. Writing about dogs continues to be great fun plus opens to door to write about our families, challenges and causes we love to champion, like dog adoption, rescue and socialization.

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