A Solution To Rambunctious Puppies

Hank the Puggle has just about as much energy as you would expect a year-old Labrador to have.

I’ve had a lot of issues with going off to work all day long (because unfortunately not all of us can be stay at home dog-parents, much as I would like) and being too exhausted when I come home to exercise him like he deserves.

The solution I found was to buy a puppy play pen for him when I’m away. Instead of locking him in his crate 24/7 (In which he would whine until I took him out and loathes to no end) I just placed him in the play pen and voila! Happy puppy, happy owner!

This product allowed him to get exercise during the day while I’m not there to entertain him. It gave me peace and quiet at night when I’m trying to do some online work, or even relax and watch a movie without having to entertain Hank all the damn time.

Don’t have your dogs stuck in uncomfortable crates or boxes, give them something they deserve.





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