Free Coloring Page!

Adult coloring books have gained huge popularity in the therapy industry. I figured I should join the trend!

Coloring for adults has certain proven therapeutic benefits. Art therapy is more involved than just coloring and will create greater results.

But nonetheless, coloring in mandala-like pictures with geometric patterns inside of them helps create mindfulness and make the one doing the coloring to be more self aware. Coloring also helps to transport the user back to simpler times of their childhood; hoping to create a more positive atmosphere.

The American Art Therapy Association has more information if you think art therapy would benefit your mental illness. So don’t hesitate to give them a click!

If you think this will benefit you then grab some colored pencils or markers, take a seat, and hit “Download Coloring Page” or Save As for the picture of me, David and Hank!

Download Coloring Page


Coloring Page 1

Coloring Page beautifully done by Rebecca Bellor.



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