Free Coloring Page!

Adult coloring books have gained huge popularity in the therapy industry. I figured I should join the trend! Coloring for adults has certain proven therapeutic benefits. Art therapy is more involved than just coloring and will create greater results. But nonetheless, coloring in mandala-like pictures with geometric patterns inside of them helps create mindfulness and… Continue reading Free Coloring Page!

Repost on Postpartum Depression

*Every post these days has “postpartum depression” in the title. I don’t care. Some people have postpartum depression and don’t feel comfortable sharing about it. Some people think they may not survive another day. Hey you, with the brain meltdown and the life-sucking baby—it’s not okay. But you’re not alone. I have really great days… Continue reading Repost on Postpartum Depression

Satricial Grocery List (So True!)

Broccoli Carrots Romaine Lettuce Avocado Spinach Mary’s Virgin Olive Oil Dave’s Corporate Fiber Bread Weightwatchers scammy little peanut chipotle BBQ tempeh tenders Red Wine, preferably under ten dollars Soy curly fries Buy a salad, premade, in a plastic bag Put back the broccoli, carrots, lettuce, and spinach Buy Wishbone Blue Cheese Ranchy-like chunky salad dressing […]… Continue reading Satricial Grocery List (So True!)